Pelican International: continuing to grow despite the crisis

Pelican International takes us back to March 2020, in the aftermath of a major acquisition - on the cusp of the global pandemic. How much does it take to maintain momentum in a time of crisis? Two company executives elaborate on the question... but, their answer goes far beyond money. Instead, it speaks to a long-standing relationship between the company and its investor, the Fonds.

Today, activities have resumed and Pelican International is once again on a roll. Winner of the Company of the Year award, Large Company at the Mercuriades and member of the Platinum Club of Canada's Best Managed Companies by Deloitte, Pelican International is triumphant after a year that was, to say the least, eventful.

Indeed, Pelican had just completed the acquisition of Confluence Outdoor when the COVID-19 crisis struck in March 2019. Uncertainty loomed. Quickly, the Fonds, investor in the company since 1995, mobilized alongside its partner. Through the challenges and twists and turns of the pandemic, this interview is a testimony to the resilience and strength of the company, and the benefits of being well supported by a dedicated partner.

"The Fonds is very proud of its investment with Pelican, because the Elie family has shown that it is possible to develop a manufacturing company in Quebec that is becoming a world leader," said Sébastien Sauvageau, Director of Investments, Consumer Goods Sector.

Meet Danick Lavoie, president, and Antoine Élie, co-founder, of Pelican International in this interview.


An ally of 3,437 local businesses, the Fonds has invested an average of $1.1 billion per year over the past five years.