Mission and business model

A mission that guides us

The Fonds de solidarité FTQ is a development capital fund that was created in 1983 by the Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec (FTQ) during a severe economic recession. The Fonds uses the savings and solidarity of Québecers as a vector to support the economy and maintain employment.

Today, the Fonds is a key player in the Québec economy. With net assets of $18.9 billion[1], it contributes to sustainable economic development and job creation throughout the province. The Fonds relies on a vast network of over 3,700 partner companies[2] across the province and is supported by more than 769,000 savers and shareholders.[1]

The Fonds is resolutely focused on the future. By providing Québec entrepreneurs with patient capital, the Fonds helps them grow, innovate, and offer quality jobs.

The 4 pillars of our mission

As a knowledge and resource hub for savers and businesses, the Fonds continues to pursue its mission, which remains as relevant today as it was 40 years ago.

Create, maintain, and protect jobs

Invest in and provide services to businesses with an economic impact in Québec to facilitate their growth and help them create, maintain, and protect jobs.

Train workers

Promote economic training for workers so they can expand their influence on Québec's economic development.

Develop the Québec economy

Stimulate the Québec economy through strategic investments that benefit both Québec workers and businesses.

Prepare for retirement

Help workers understand the need to save for retirement and encourage them to do so, as well as encourage them to buy Fonds shares so they can participate in the province's economic development.

The Fonds plays an active role in the local economy, to the benefit of all Québecers

01– Savers.

More than 769,000 Québecers[1] have entrusted us with their savings.

02– Businesses.

These savings allow us to offer financing to more than 3,700 companies[2].

03– Jobs.

Thousands of jobs are being created, maintained, and saved to empower all of Québec.

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    As at November 30, 2023.
    As at May 31, 2023.