Epsylon: A local company with an international reach

Epsylon has recently secured financing with the Fonds régionaux de solidarité de Québec (FRS), which allows it to remain competitive in Québec, and internationally.

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Family-owned Epsylon was founded by two brothers: Alain and Jean Lefrançois. With the support of three associates, they started their business with innovation as their main focus. Their expertise in curtain walls—a cladding which offers buildings maximum fenestration while remaining very efficient and weather resistant—is recognized throughout the province and North America.

The product that Epsylon developed not only meets the needs of our province's climate, but also those of our southern neighbours, who are often faced with hurricanes. "While having a subsidiary in Florida for the past 20 years has helped us satisfy international demand, it is important for us to keep our headquarters in Québec City," says Alain Lefrançois, President and CEO of Epsylon.

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Building competitiveness at home and abroad

In order to increase its products' quality and its execution speed on construction sites, Epsylon prefabricates its curtain walls in factories. This endows the company with one of its greatest strengths: its respect of deadlines.

"The company has made a breakthrough in the highly competitive U.S. market. It must continually innovate to remain a preferred supplier. This financing is a much appreciated boost that allows Epsylon to acquire the necessary resources to achieve its goals and pursue its international growth," explains Frédéric Bernard, regional vice-president of the Fonds régionaux de solidarité FTQ de Québec.

While the FRS investment provides the company with the liquidity to maintain its competitive position in the United States, Epsylon's U.S. division generates economic benefits in Québec, while creating local employment opportunities. "All the engineering and know-how comes from Québec. The raw materials are sourced here. We export our expertise and it is recognized internationally," says Alain Lefrançois with pride.

A seasoned businessman, Alain Lefrançois knew of the Fonds' favourable reputation. Although Epsylon was financially stable, the financing granted by the FRS de Québec, in the midst of a pandemic, was timely. "It was the right time for us to partner with the Fonds. It gave us room to grow. We see the Fonds as an interesting potential partner for our future projects, as its expertise in the construction industry is well known," confides Alain Lefrançois.

Paving the way for Québec's next generation

Epsylon has had the wind in its sails for a few years now. The Lefrançois brothers and their group of associates have had several interested buyers make proposals for the company.

"Competitors from Asia had offered to acquire us, but it was important for us to keep our interests in Québec. And with the help of the FRS, we were able to keep the Epsylon's future within our family's hands," says Alain Lefrançois.

Indeed, the two Lefrançois brothers are already grooming Epsylon's next generation, which consists of Alain's two children, Philippe and Tania, their operations manager, Daniel Labbé, and key employees within the company. Their contribution brings a breath of fresh air and new blood to the company's management team.

With a presence across the province, the Fonds régionaux has great knowledge of our local economy and is positioned as a preferred investor for regional players. In addition to remaining in the family, Epsylon maintains its headquarters and a large part of its operations in Québec City. "This type of investment is at the very heart of the FRS and the Fonds' mission. Epsylon is one of the many examples in which we are making a real difference in the future of local companies," concludes Frédéric Bernard.

With this investment, the Fonds secured the competitive position of a company specialized in the construction of curtain walls by supporting its local and international activities. This investment also ensures the sustainability of a local SME by keeping its head office in Québec City. Ultimately, this partnership also enables the next generation of the Lefrançois family to take the helm of a local company. That's what we call the Fonds' double impact.

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