Donations and sponsorships

Active in our communities

To contribute to society's collective wealth, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ has established a new donation and sponsorship policy that will serve as a framework for the allocation of aid to non-profit organizations.

This aid can take the form of donations or, ideally, sponsorships. In line with its socio-economic role, the Fonds seeks not only to bolster the Québec economy, but also to generate societal returns. To this end, it supports numerous non-profit organizations that contribute to the well-being of our communities and to the economic development of Québec.

  • In order to play a decisive role in society, the Fonds gives preference to sponsorships that fall under the following priority areas:

    Environmental protection and the fight against climate change

    The Fonds wishes to support organizations that contribute to Québecers' well-being through sustainable development initiatives. Thus, it seeks mutually beneficial partnerships that:

    • Encourage sustainable and responsible consumption practices that are eco-friendly, promote social equity, and benefit the local economy
    • Raise stakeholders' awareness of the fight against climate change
    • Reduce the impact of climate change on people's health and well-being
    • Protect and strengthen ecosystems and biodiversity.

    Financial literacy and savings awareness

    The Fonds wishes to support organizations that encourage Québecers to adopt better savings and personal finance habits, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a comfortable retirement. It gives preference to sponsorships that encourage Québecers to:

    • Improve their financial literacy
    • Adopt healthy savings habits
    • Properly plan their retirement.

    Support for women that are victim of domestic violence (President's cause)

    The Fonds aims to combat violence against women and raise public awareness of the issue by providing the following:

    • Direct assistance to survivors and their children through donations to shelters for women that are victim of domestic violence
    • Support for organizations that provide assistance to survivors and work to raise awareness of and prevent domestic violence.
  • Community and cultural engagement that promotes regional development

    The Fonds wishes to support organizations that are involved in the local community and that contribute to the well-being of workers living in the immediate area of its head office, as well as in the regions served by the Fonds régionaux de solidarité FTQ and other subsidiaries. To this end, it gives preference to sponsorships that promote the following:

    • The Fonds' involvement in important issues that impact its immediate communities (Ahuntsic, Villeray, Saint-Michel, and Parc-Extension)
    • The Fonds' involvement in important issues that impact the regions it serves and the areas surrounding its regional offices
    • Support for causes that may not be covered by this policy, but that contribute to the local or regional development.

    Economic development that contributes to societal returns

    The Fonds wishes to engage in sponsorships to support organizations that contribute not only to the growth and development of Québec businesses, but also to the generation of societal returns. Priority will be given to sponsorships that the Fonds considers to be instrumental in achieving its business development objectives. Thus, it seeks to support organizations that:

    • Promote activities that encourage the sustainable growth of SMEs, fair environmental and technological transitions, and talent attraction and retention
    • Create synergy and facilitate networking between local stakeholders and help to cultivate lasting relationships within the business community
    • Enhance the value of a business sector, including real estate and bioenergy
    • Contribute to the advancement of the finance and investment sector.
  • The Fonds also supports organizations that help it achieve its business objectives. That said, these sponsorships are managed independently by the marketing team and are more focused on business objectives than on philanthropy.

  • Eligibility criteria

    • The donation or sponsorship must have an impact in Québec.
    • To qualify for a donation or sponsorship, the organization must be duly registered as a non-profit, except for sponsorships that fall under the “brand image” category.
    • Requests and proposals must be submitted at least 30 days before the start of the event, if applicable.
    • All sponsorship proposals must be accompanied by a visibility plan.
    • Charitable organizations supported by the Fonds must issue a receipt or other document bearing the amount of the donation.
    • The Fonds reserves the right to use the name of an organization in its communications to demonstrate its solidarity with the community and its impact on the Québec economy. Therefore, the name of the organization concerned may appear in various Fonds documents, such as its annual report.
    • The Fonds limits the term of sponsorship agreements to 3 years.


    The Fonds will review all submitted proposals, excluding those that:

    • Are not consistent with the Fonds' mission and values or that could compromise its ethical standards and integrity
    • Would not allow the Fonds to support its priority areas as described above
    • Are intended to support personal projects or projects that would benefit a single individual
    • Involve trips or excursions
    • Involve film or video productions
    • Are intended to support the project of an employee's family member
    • Are related to the activities of a political party, a candidate running for office, a lobby group, or a religious group
    • Involve a private school or a project led by a foundation associated with a private school
    • Involve a hospital or a project led by a foundation associated with a hospital
    • Involve an organization or project supported by Centraide, unless it addresses the priority area of women that are victim of domestic violence.