Groupe Robert: energy efficiency is everyone's business (video)

In the transportation industry, Groupe Robert stands out for its avant-gardism and its strategic spirit. This explains in part why the Fonds has been a partner of the company since 1993, one of the longest collaborations in its history. Michel Robert, the company's president, talks about his relationship with the Fonds and the benefits of their energy efficiency initiatives.

For generations, the family-owned transportation and logistics company has aimed to reduce its ecological footprint in its various spheres of activity: a computerized route optimization system, a fleet of liquefied natural gas trucks, SmartWay certification, a building stock that consumes little electricity and is inspired by ecological best practices. Energy efficiency is omnipresent in the company.

" It's our contribution to the planet, to the next generation," says Robert in the interview.

Last March, the company announced a $150 million investment in Varennes for the construction of a state-of-the-art automated distribution center built in compliance with sustainable development standards. The Fonds, which has supported the company's growth for many years, is participating in the project with a $40 million reinvestment.

This project will meet the ever-growing needs of the food industry for refrigerated and frozen goods and is directly linked to the Quebec government's strategy of promoting food autonomy and local consumption.

"Groupe Robert is a pioneer in its sector in terms of energy efficiency! With this latest project, which is technologically innovative and adopts the best environmental practices, Groupe Robert will be the first third-party logistics provider of its kind in Quebec," said Jean-François Laplante, Director of Investments, Aerospace, Infrastructure and Transportation Sector, at the Fonds de solidarité FTQ.

Proud of its contribution to the project and of its long-standing relationship with its partner, the Fonds gives the floor to Michel Robert, President of Groupe Robert, to tell us more about its energy efficiency initiatives and their benefits.

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