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Learn about savings products such as the RRSP+ and get tips and advice on how to recruit more easily, build employee loyalty and better adapt to the realities of Québec SMEs.

Benefits: What do employees in Québec want?

Competitive wages, competitive benefits, and work-life balance... How does an employer meet these criteria to attract and retain talent?

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Employee RRSP+ contribution or cash bonus?

We explain why it is better to put an amount into your employees RRSP+ as a contribution rather than offering a bonus on their pay.¹

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Should you contribute to your employees' RRSPs?

Making employer contributions to your employees' RRSPs, as in the case of RRSP+ with the Fonds, helps you to stand out from the competition and help your employees save for retirement.

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The business model: A pillar of corporate longevity

A strong business model can ensure the long-term success of your company. Your plan can help you innovate and effectively manage change.

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Remote working and cyber security: Here's what the experts have to say

Have you made the transition to remote working? Learn about cybersecurity issues and possible solutions to ensure the security of your data.

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Local businesses: Creativity, solidarity, and innovation

During this time of crisis and economic uncertainty, many Québec companies are relying on creativity and innovation to try to bounce back.

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The human side of economic recovery and change management

During a crisis companies have to make difficult decisions. Fostering an economic recovery and change management plan is therefore essential.

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Labour shortage: Employee recruitment and retainment

With workers in short supply, Québec employers need to rethink their recruitment strategies. Here are a few suggestions on how to stand out in an increasingly tight labor market.

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VRSP vs. RRSP+ via payroll deduction: differences and specifics

Choose the right retirement savings plan for your company, knowing the differences and specifics between VRSP vs. RRSP+ via payroll deduction.

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The VRSP Act: what are your obligations as an employer?

The Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan Act (VRSP) places certain obligations on Québec employers. What does the law say? What are your responsibilities?

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6 reasons to offer your employees the RRSP+ via payroll deduction

Simple to implement and easy to manage, the RRSP+ via payroll deduction is a winning solution for both employers and their employees.

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Everything you need to know about group savings solutions: The RRSP, VRSP, DPSP, and more

As an employer, are you familiar with the different retirement savings plans available? The group RRSP, VRSP, DPSP and more.

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Free guide to creating a unique employee experience

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Free guide to managing remote work

We've prepared a guide of practical solutions to help you and your employees meet the challenges of working remotely and prepare for the future.