I have amounts to repay. What's going on?

Amounts to be repaid may include your HBP and/or LLP repayments as well as some accounting fees or adjustments.

When you log into your account and access your portfolio, you will see a "Repayments owed" section where all the amounts to be repaid are listed. If you don't have any amounts due, this section will not appear in your portfolio.

Amounts to be repaid may include:

  • Amounts due
    • Bank return: an NSF payment or an error in entering account or transit numbers or other information.
    • Payroll deduction adjustment: remittance adjustment made on your behalf by your employer.
    • Other amount: unpaid administration fees.
  • HBP repayment
  • LLP repayment

How can I make a repayment?

You can repay amounts due by clicking on the "Make a repayment" button in your portfolio.

Please note that when you make a contribution and you have one or more amounts due (bank return, payroll deduction adjustment or other amount), these amounts will be refunded first. Consult your portfolio to view the details of the amounts to be repaid.

If you have several amounts to repay, repayments will be made in the following order:

  • Repayment of all amounts due
  • HBP and/or LLP repayment