How do I repay my LLP?

You repay an LLP by contributing a portion of the amount borrowed each year to your RRSP. Full repayment must be made within a maximum of 10 years.

The first repayment must be made no later than on the tax return of the 5th year following the year of withdrawal.

However, if you complete your education before then, you must start repaying your LLP earlier. If this is your case, we strongly suggest that you call our Saving Services agents so that your contributions are not registered as a new share purchase, but rather as a repayment of your loan.

Please also contact us if you wish to make an LLP repayment greater than the amount required for the current year.

For more information on LLP repayment as an individual, see the "LLP Account Statement" section of your federal notice of assessment. For more general information about LLP repayment, refer to Canada Revenue Agency guide.