Election of Directors

The Fonds de solidarité FTQ reports to its board of directors, whose role is to supervise the organization’s activities.  The board of directors consists of 19 directors, including the President and Chief Executive Officer. Seven (7) directors are appointed by the General Council of the Fédération des travailleurs et des travailleuses du Québec and eleven (11) are elected at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. Of the eleven directors, seven (7) are independent and are recommended by the Governance and Ethics Committee. The remaining four (4) are elected from a list of candidates following a public call for nominations.

One share, one vote

All holders of Class A, Series 1 and 2 shares, who are registered as shareholders in the Fonds’ shares register at the closing date of such register are entitled to vote, either in person or by proxy. Each shareholder is entitled to one (1) vote for each fully paid up voting share registered in his or her name for each agenda item to be voted.

Voting Procedure

For the purpose of electing the four (4) directors from the list of candidates following a public call for nominations, shareholders are asked to vote for four candidates in order to fill each one of the seats reserved for these directors. The four candidates with the greatest number of votes are elected.