I have a spousal RRSP+, and my contributing spouse has died. How should I proceed?

If the person who contributed to your spousal RRSP+ dies, you can submit a redemption for shares or mutual fund units held in this plan.

The spousal RRSP+ holder should contact a Shareholder Services agent or a FlexiFonds mutual fund advisor. The agent or advisor will provide the information needed to submit a request.


The Fonds shareholder who is the beneficiary of a spousal RRSP+ may request the redemption of the shares, if the person who contributed to such spousal RRSP+ dies.

Unitholders may redeem mutual fund units held in this plan at any time.

Documents required:

Written request: follow these steps to make a written request.


Proof of death for the person who contributed to this spousal RRSP+, such as an attestation of death issued by a doctor, a death certificate issued by a funeral director, or a copy of the death record issued by the government (proof of death is required only for shareholders, not for unitholders).

Eligible shares:

All shares held.

Eligible mutual funds units:

All units held.

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