Governance factors

Facteurs de Gouvernance

A modern and transparent governance model

To ensure sound management of its operations, the Fonds immobilier employs rigorous, effective principles underpinned by ethical values.

We have adopted a governance model that encourages harnessing our expertise, our values of respect, integrity and solidarity, as well as the skills of the leadership teams of the Fonds immobilier, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ and the FTQ, and independent professionals from the business community and real estate industry.

And to make sure it aligns itself with the best partners, the Fonds immobilier has developed and adheres to partnership criteria approved by the Governance Committee.


We also have a code of ethics that defines the rules of conduct for our employees, officers and directors, enabling them to avoid conflicts of interest.

Value-added services

In addition to providing its partners with expertise in market analysis, financial analysis, accounting, project management, construction and asset management, not to mention legal affairs, public affairs and marketing, the Fonds immobilier can analyze their cybersecurity measures and recommend cyber fraud prevention strategies if necessary.

ESG commitments for responsible investments

Check out this episode highlighting the governance aspect of ESG factors.

ESG: Governance and NOVIA

Novia was created by the experienced management team of our partner LSR GesDev. The project includes residential rental units as well as commercial and office spaces, designed to the highest standards.

Video in French with English subtitles

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    Partnering with the Fonds immobilier for the purpose of carrying out real estate projects is conditional on compliance with its investment criteria and the authorization of its governing bodies.