The employee experience (EX): a key driver of organizational success

To foster employee loyalty, Québec companies looking to stand out and ensure their long-term success must make the employee experience (EX) a priority.

Whether you're in a difficult or precarious situation or looking for employees during a labour shortage, it's your employer brand and EX that will determine your company's future.

By downloading our free guide, you gain access to the following:

  • • Practical solutions for determining your employees' needs
  • •Concrete examples to improve your method of recruiting and welcoming new hires
  • • Ideas to help you engage your employees
  • • And much more!

The guide consists of 7 chapters:

  • 1. Defining the current and future employee experience
  • 2. Listening to your employees
  • 3. Determining your employees' needs
  • 4. Focusing on relationships with managers
  • 5. Considering the employee experience from recruitment onward
  • 6. Mastering the 7 factors of employee engagement
  • 7. Being creative