​Breezing through your end of semester for just $20

Five tips to help you ace your exams while staying calm and organized.

By Fonds de solidarité FTQ

Does getting through the end-of-semester crunch with a smile on your face seem impossible? YouTuber Livia Desjardins can show you how! Just grab a twenty and follow her five simple tips.

For many students, the end of semester can be overwhelming. It is possible to study without the stress?


There are lots of ways to make your end of semester more pleasant. While jumping on a plane or spending a week at a five-star spa may seem like great ways to escape your mountain of schoolwork, you don’t need to break the bank to keep calm and organized!

To prove it, we challenged YouTuber Livia Desjardins to get ready for exam season on a student-friendly budget.

Twenty dollars and five tips later, you’ll be as relaxed as the Dalai Lama in a yoga class—or in your case, a chemistry exam!

Livia’s shopping list

  • White board - $4
  • Reusable planner - $2
  • Calendar - $1.50
  • Highlighters - $4
  • Sticky notes - $5
  • Lemon (that’s right, a lemon) - about $1
  • Snacks, like nuts - about $2

Thanks to Livia’s advice, your friends will be calling you a Zen master by the end of your semester.

Happy studying!

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