If I am permanently disabled, can I access my RRSP+?

Yes. If a doctor certifies that you have a severe and prolonged disability, you can submit a request to redeem your RRSP+.

The disability must be severe and prolonged and result in permanent unfitness for work.


The shareholder is less than 60 years of age and has become incapable of pursuing any substantially gainful occupation


the shareholder is 60 years or older and has become incapable of pursuing the substantially gainful occupation held at the time the shareholder ceased working due to disability.

Documents required:

The Fonds de solidarité FTQ form


a copy of one of the following documents attesting the severe and prolonged disability:

notice of acceptance from the Québec Pension Plan as a beneficiary of a disability pension;


declaration from a physician attesting to the severe and prolonged disability, which results in permanent unfitness for work.

Eligible shares:

All shares held.

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Legal Notes
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