Governance and Ethics

Its mandate is three-fold:


  • The committee will ensure that the Fonds is up to date in terms of best practices and governance and make recommendations to the Board on policies and governance guidelines to be adopted.

  • The committee will be in charge of keeping the Fonds’ code of ethics up to date and ensuring its application by the Fonds’ directors, officers and employees. 
  • The committee will develop guidelines with regard to ethics and conflicts of interest that are applicable to directors, officers and employees, as necessary. 
  • In the short term, the committee will review and approve the revised code of ethics and supervise the outsourcing of the hotline currently in place. 
  • This committee will be in charge of nominating independent directors. 
  • This committee will also be in charge of reviewing the compliance of individuals who have shown interest in holding one of the four seats on the Board set aside for shareholders. 
  • The committee will be in charge of developing and recommending annual mechanisms for the Board’s evaluation.