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February 2014 Proposal

The Fonds de solidarité FTQ is currently in the process of reforming its governance and adopting best governance practices. The Fonds has taken a major step towards increasing the independence of its Board of Directors while preserving the DNA of the Fonds, which was born and nurtured by its union roots. 

The transfer of the Fonds’ oversight function to independent directors is completed.

  • The presidency of the Board of Directors and all the Board’s committees is reserved for an independent member not related to the Fonds or the FTQ, including its affiliated unions. 
  • The number of members on the Board of Directors wil increase from 17 to 19 directors, and the FTQ will no longer nominate the majority of directors. 
  • Enshrinement of the regulation adopted in 2009 requiring any investment to be approved by a majority of independent members. 
  • The Executive Committee is abolished and three new committees composed of a majority of independent members are created:

• Governance and Ethics

• Human Resources

• Risk Management

  • The Fonds will review its code of ethics. 

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