How long does it take to get financing?

Depending on your needs and the nature of your project, the process from analysis to disbursement generally takes one to three months.

The Fonds takes the time to do things right in order to build lasting, privileged partnerships with entrepreneurs. The financing process is made up of several steps and can take up to three months. Time frames may vary depending on the availability of the information needed to create a strong financial partnership.

Preliminary analysis and initial proposal. Our team will analyze your project to understand your needs provide you with the best proposal.

Due diligence and commitment. Our team will conduct standard due diligence, including background checks of your company's financial, legal, and tax situation. Once this process is complete, we'll submit your application to the Fonds for internal approval so that we can make a firm written commitment to finance your business.

Disbursement. Following approval, the official financing agreements can be signed, at which point the capital will be ready for disbursement.

What comes next? The Fonds' investments are never just about the money. Once you've received your financing, you'll have access to an array of multidisciplinary experts who'll be there to support you over the long term. Whether you need strategic and operational support or assistance with business development, our partnership is designed to benefit your company well into the future.

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    The financing granted is subject to compliance with applicable eligibility conditions.