Message from the President

Luc Pinard - President and Chief Executive Officer

Luc Pinard - President and Chief Executive Officer

Since their creation in 1996, the Fonds régionaux de solidarité FTQ have invested more than $1 billion in SMEs across all regions of Québec.

These investments have bolstered Québec's economy and preserved jobs, particularly during the business transfer process. We understand the needs and expectations of both buyers and sellers. We're seasoned facilitators.

Business partners in all regions of Québec

From Gaspésie to Outaouais, we do more than invest in regions; we become regional partners. We value the strengths that you bring to the table and provide support through our team of committed professionals who understand the realities of your region and your industry.

When SMEs succeed locally, all of Québec reaps the benefits. The name we bear is also our raison d'être. I'm proud of our team for leveraging the power of a people-first, collaborative approach.

Luc Pinard
President and Chief Executive Officer

We all have regions we can help prosper!

The Fond régionaux are present throughout Québec to respond to the economic reality of SMEs.