Rapport annuelle et de développement durable 2017

2017 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

* These investments include funds committed but not disbursed as well as guarantees and suretyships.

They come from diverse backgrounds. Together, they are a tremendous force in making the Québec economy “a living economy”. Some of them told us their story.

Kathleen and Jacques

New Fonds Shareholder and her LR

At 29, Kathleen is already doing what it takes to make her retirement plans a reality, thanks to the sound advice of Jacques, her local representative (LR).
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Data Management analyst Fonds de solidarité FTQ

Simon is always looking for better ways to

do things. In addition to working at the Fonds, he lends his expertise to Chic Resto Pop, where he sits on the Board of Directors.
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Senior Advisor, Marketing Fonds de solidarité FTQ

An agrifood specialist, Nathalie explains how the Fonds supports the entrepreneurs in this sector, which is recognized as a pole of excellence of the Québec economy.
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President and Chief Executive Officer
Les production horticoles Demers

Jacques has big plans for Les Productions Horticole Demers. And he can count on the support of the Fonds.
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Stage Technician and Habitations Paradoxe tenant

For a little over a year now, Jonathan has enjoyed the benefits of being a tenant at Habitations Paradoxe, a social integration organization supported by the Fonds.
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Louis and Chantal

Retiree and future retiree

See how Louis enjoys a well-deserved retirement after saving with the Fonds for 15 years. His spouse, Chantal, expects to do the same in a few years.
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Messages from Management


Chairman of the Board of Directors

“The Fonds has once again demonstrated that it plays a key role in Québec’s growth. In addition to its excellent financial results, the impact of its activities deserves to be highlighted. First, the growing number of young people selecting the Fonds to begin saving for retirement is excellent news, given the issues related to an aging population. In addition, the Fonds supports even more companies, in both urban and rural settings, and many have the qualities needed to become flagships of our economy. There is also the contribution of the Fonds immobilier to the vitality of our urban environments, particularly through the creation of social housing.”

Robert Parizeau


President and Chief Executive Officer

“The Fonds de solidarité FTQ is first and foremost people. You will meet some of them in these pages; people from diverse backgrounds who agreed to share a moment in their life story, and the role the Fonds played in it. Their testimonies strengthen our commitment to always go further.

The results of the last financial year are certainly reflective of this commitment. For the first time, we have posted annual income of more than $1 billion. That translates into an annual return to the shareholder of 9.1%, as the share value reached a new high of $37.88. Another important element is the 47,346 new savers we have welcomed during the financial year, which brings the total number of shareholders to over 645,000.”

Gaétan Morin


President of the FTQ and
First Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Fonds

“In 2017, the FTQ celebrates its 60th anniversary. From the outset, our mandate included the social, economic, cultural and political promotion of Québec’s workers. To that end, the creation of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, in 1983, is without a doubt one of our proudest achievements.

The Fonds is investing in companies that are involved in the development of Québec society. In doing so, it contributes to creating quality jobs for our workers. And with the training offered in the workplace by the Fonds, they can exercise greater influence on Québec’s economic development.”

Daniel Boyer

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