Why choose the Fonds?

Driving Quebec's economy

The Fonds has a unique mission: to help drive the Québec economy. To do so, it is required to invest most of its capital locally in order to create and keep jobs at home. By offering your employees to contribute to an RRSP with the Fonds through payroll deduction, you are showing solidarity and doing your part to further Québec’s economic growth. Discover the advantages of doing business with the Fonds.

Get an exemption from the VRSP obligation

Did you know that the Fonds’ payroll deduction plan can be an alternative to the Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan (VRSP)? Employers who already offer the option of contributing to the Fonds RRSP through this automatic saving mechanism are not required to offer this new plan.

Learn more about the advantages of a VRSP with payroll deduction and the simple 3-step process >

Cultivate employee loyalty

Be innovative: let your employees save by contributing to their RRSP right from their pay. By offering them an easy way to save for retirement through the Fonds’ payroll deduction plan, you’re not just simplifying their lives, you’re showing them you care. What better way to build employee loyalty?

A free, turnkey solution

The Fonds’ solution is flexible and can be adapted to your way of working:

  • If you wish, you can send the remittance list and corresponding deposits electronically
  • We provide a user manual, phone support and if necessary, training sessions for your payroll staff.

    Call us today and join the 7,500 Québec companies that already offer the Fonds’ payroll deduction plan in their workplace.

    Find out more about the Fonds’ payroll deduction plan >

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