Discover the Employers Extranet

The Employers Extranet is a secure site through which the Fonds and employers that offer payroll deduction can transact and exchange documents safely and rapidly.

This secure site is designed to the highest Web standards and delivers an enhanced user experience.

1. Home page

Employers extranet home top pageEmployers extranet home bottom page

2. Send a remittance

A – Indicate the period covered by the remittance

Remittance table step 1


B – Select the options that apply to your remittance

Indicate whether an employer contribution is being deposited into the employee’s RRSP pursuant to an agreement or whether another type of contribution is involved.

Remittance table step 2


C – Complete the remittance table

You may add a new participant at any time with the Add a participant button, located at the bottom of the table. You can sort the list by employee name or SIN.

Remittance table step 3


D – Then, you have the possibility to make a payment online by lump-sum withdrawal

Do you wish to make a payment by lump-sum withdrawal?

Remittance table online payment

E – Confirmation of the remittance that you can print

Remittance table confirmation

3. Send a remittance file

A – Select the file(s) to be sent

Employers extranet-send remittance


B – Confirmation the remittance was sent

Employers extranet-remittance sent


C – Payment options available if you wish to pay the remittance online

Employers extranet-pay remittance

4. Change notice

Here is how the notice we send you to notify any changes you need to do on the pay of your employees looks like.

Notice of change 

5. Resource centre

Resource centre