Spruce up your wardrobe for just $20

Do you feel uninspired every time you open your closet? Are you sick of wearing the same old outfits? Don’t panic—we’re here to help!

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Do discarded T-shirts multiply on the floor every morning next to your “worn twice last week” pile? That mess in your bedroom is the sign of a boring, outdated wardrobe.

Don’t panic—we’re here to help! Here are three easy ways to freshen up your look for $20 or less!

Host a clothing swap for $20

If you’re surrounded by friends with an enviable sense of style, why not host a clothing swap? There’s no better way to give used clothes a second life.

Plus, it’s a great way to save money while staying eco-friendly. Simply invite your friends over and ask them to bring any items of clothing, shoes, or accessories that are still in good condition for the swap.

You’ll quickly realize that one person’s trash—those sequined shoes you’ve worn all of one time, for example, or the baseball caps from your old sports team—is another person’s treasure. Everybody wins! Have a few beers, give away your items, and leave with an armful of new(ish) clothes—for free!

With a $20 budget, you can even give your evening a theme.

For example, if you’re swapping clothes between periods during a hockey game, you can give everyone team flags and serve chicken wings. But make sure to provide wet wipes— you don’t want BBQ sauce on your new shirt!

For a more relaxing experience, pick up a few face masks (about $5 for a pack of three at the pharmacy) and candles to create a spa-like ambience. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not get face masks and chicken wings? Careful, things could get messy!

Spend $20 at a thrift store

Even at the best clothing swaps, there’s always an item or two that stays in the discard pile. (Ever tried regifting a pair of snakeskin pants?)

We recommend donating these pieces to your nearest thrift store. While you’re there, take a moment to browse the aisles. You might discover a few hidden gems. Here are a few tricks to help you spot thrift store finds:

First, pay close attention to quality. A well-made product is worth its weight in gold! You might stumble upon a pure lambswool sweater or linen shirt for as little as $2, so keep your eyes peeled—especially if you’re someone who likes making a quick return on their investment.

Second, look out for new items. After a few visits to your thrift store, you’ll notice that new items are usually added on the same day every week. That’s when you want to swoop in and nab the best deals.

Finally, donate your old clothes! Some thrift stores offer discount cards to donors. You could get 10, 20, or even 30 percent off your next purchases. There are also consignment stores that give you cash or store credit in exchange for the clothing you bring in. You’re basically couponing without the coupons!

Give your clothes some TLC for $20

Sometimes, the best way to spruce up your closet is with a needle and thread. A bit of love goes a long way and can often help you see certain pieces in a new light.

With a snip of your scissors, transform your old jeans into a stylish pair of shorts. Sew patches onto your faded backpack or jacket to give it a fresh look. Use all-purpose cleaning products to whiten the soles of your shoes.

For $20 or less, you can breathe new life into long-forgotten items. Like outdated TV shows, they might benefit from a reboot!

Life is too short to waste sifting through your closet every morning. Take that $20 bill and fall back in love with your wardrobe. Because love is a beautiful thing.

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