Plan an epic road trip with just $20

YouTuber William Nadon shares budget-friendly tips and essentials for the ultimate one-day road trip.

By Fonds de solidarité FTQ

Are you itching to hit the road this summer but a little strapped for cash? Don't worry—we've got your back. After all, it's not your destination that matters, but how many snacks you get to eat along the way.

We challenged YouTuber William Nadon to plan a road trip with just $20. With his girlfriend at his side, a bag of chips in hand, and his inner rap star ready to shine, he proves that twenty bucks can take you a long way.

William's budget breakdown

  • Homemade picnic to enjoy at the beach: $4.50
  • Polaroid camera film:* $8.50
  • Activities: approximately $5
  • Miscellaneous comforts and entertainment from home (e.g., a blanket, a ball, a podcast playlist): $0

*If you don't own a Polaroid camera, don't sweat it—a disposable camera will give you that same retro vibe. You can pick one up for about $10 online and at most pharmacies and superstores.

If you're anything like us, the words picnic and beach are enough to give you road trip fever. But before heading out, make sure to give your car (or motorbike) a proper tune-up. You can never be too prepared.

With your ride looking as good as new, all that's left is to brush up on your stoplight dance moves before hitting the road.

Bon voyage!

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