Savings professionals

When choosing a personal finance specialist, how do you determine which one will best meet your needs and expectations, both during and after your one-on-one meetings?

Financial planners, mutual fund representatives, financial security advisors... The spectrum of savings professionals is broad, so it's not unusual if you don't know where to start. Each specialist offers a different service and expertise. Want advice on investing your money in mutual funds and bonds? A mutual fund representative may have the answers you need, depending on your situation. Looking to plan a large-scale project, like buying a house or saving for retirement? In these cases, you should contact a financial planner. Shopping around for life insurance? A financial security advisor has the right qualifications to help you. When it comes to managing personal finances, it's essential to understand the services offered by the various experts in the field so that you can find the person best suited to helping you achieve your goals.

Once you've taken this first step, you still need to make sure you're on the same page. There can be a lot of information to take in when you sit down with a personal finance specialist, which is why it's important to be well prepared. Here, you'll find handy resources, including essential questions to ask your finance specialist and key concepts and documents to become familiar with. You'll also find tips on how to talk to the right person for your situation, and how to have useful and efficient exchanges.

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