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The Fonds de solidarité plays an instrumental role in the Québec Life Sciences sector and is increasing its influence beyond its borders.

Since BioChem Pharma, the Fonds has financed start-up companies to help them develop new drugs and supported mature businesses going through a new stage of their development.

With its industry expertise, its strategic vision and its broad business network, the Fonds contributes to the growth of businesses by providing them patient capital.

Life Sciences Record

* Historical investments in life sciences

The Fonds : A Stalwart of Life Sciences in Québec

The Fonds plays an essential role in the financing ecosystem for life sciences in Québec. Discover the major draws of the province
as summarized by Montréal International and applied to DalCor Pharmaceuticals.  

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Québec, the Hub for Life Sciences and Health Tech

Québec, the Next Hub for Life Sciences and Health Tech


A word from our partners

The decision to move enGene to Montreal was based on the availability of venture capital, skilled human resources and specialized infrastructures in the region. Our rapid growth trajectory and success in closing several major investments and partnerships with large pharmas in less than 3 years since enGene's relocation, are clear testaments that the Greater Montreal area provides a thriving  environment with the essential ingredients for building high growth biotech companies.

- Anthony Cheung, President and CEO, enGene

The Fonds has partnered with Atrium since its infancy, becoming a shareholder in 2000 in what was then, a private company. The Fonds has accompanied Atrium throughout its growth and development, as it transformed from a family-owned business to a public company, and ultimately to a company which was re-privatised by an international private placement fund. The Fonds was able to adapt its financial offerings to the ever-changing needs of the company, such that during Atrium's privatisation in 2014, it reinvested a portion of its capital, thereby demonstrating support for the industry, and particularly for Quebec-based companies with worldwide aspirations.

- Pierre Fitzgibbon, Managing Partner, Walter Capital President and CEO, Atrium Innovations (2007-2014) 
FONDS de Solidarité FTQ (FSTQ) is a most valued partner to CTI Life Sciences Fund. They are not just an investor in our Funds, but also a financial partner in our structural projects. These projects are undertaken to create enterprises in Québec in partnership with major pharmaceutical companies, such as GLyPharma partnering with Ferring Pharmaceuticals. Through this strategy, FSTQ helps develop the full potential for innovation, supporting Québec’s ecosystem of the sector of the Life Sciences, a vital domain for the province.

- Ken Pastor, General Partner, CTI Life Sciences Fund

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