Recreational tourism


With its 30,000 establishments of all sizes, including hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, sports facilities and entertainment venues, Québec’s recreational tourism industry is on solid footing. However, it must continue innovating in order to maintain Québec’s global appeal as a destination of choice.

The World Tourism Organization forecasts that international tourism will continue growing at an average annual rate of 4% through 2020.


In order to ensure its long-term growth and to maintain its advantageous market position, the recreational tourism industry will have to address the following challenges:

  • Exchange rate fluctuations;
  • Variations in international tourism (mainly as a result of variations in American tourism);
  • The need to create more tourist attractions;
  • The powers of the provincial and federal tourism departments;
  • The need to rethink the industry’s business model.


The Fonds de solidarité FTQ leverages its expertise, capital and vast network to:

  • Provide financial and strategic support to companies seeking to maximize their growth;
  • Allow companies to capitalize on market opportunities to develop value-creating projects;
  • Help create and keep jobs in Québec.
  • Supports the recreational tourism industry, with over $220 million invested to date.

Urban tourism: The Fonds is looking to back world-class projects that will help improve the tourism offer of Québec’s large cities.

Nature tourism: The Fonds wants to actively develop the nature products offer by encouraging outdoor facilities to work together to standardizing quality.

Resort-type tourism: The Fonds wants to help develop world-class resort centres and four-season resort hotels;

Local tourism for Quebecers: The Fonds’ priority is to stimulate the creation of innovative tourism products and to make sure they are also marketed to Quebecers so that more of them vacation at home.


The Fonds offers solutions tailored to your needs.


The Fonds tailors its offer to match the individual needs of its partner companies. We offer patient capital that takes into account the challenges businesses face and the time they need to see their projects to fruition. 

Our flexible financing options include:

  • Equity financing (common or preferred shares)
  • Unsecured debt, requiring no collateral (debenture)

The Fonds gives priority to businesses that satisfy, among others, the following criteria:

  • Competent, dynamic and credible teams with operating experience;
  • Shareholders and officers receptive to investors, alliances and partnerships; 
  • Sound business plans and concepts;
  • Promising market and profitability outlook;
  • Competitive advantages;
  • Preservation and creation of lasting jobs.


There are many advantages to partnering with our team, including:

  • Solid expertise in the recreational tourism industry;
  • Financing tailored to your needs;
  • A multidisciplinary, seasoned and available team;
  • Strategic support in the short, medium and long terms;
  • Proactive and close by.


The Fonds is actively involved in the recreational tourism industry.


The Fonds provides financial support to the following associations:

  • Conseil québécois de l’industrie touristique
  • Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC)
  • Associations touristiques régionales associées du Québec (ATR)  

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