The Fonds, a business partner of choice

Québec's largest development capital investment network

Our $17.8 billion in net assets² helps finance more than 3,600 partner companies that contribute to Québec's prosperity¹. Over the past five years, we have injected an average of more than $1 billion per year into the local economy through loans to businesses and other financing solutions.

Strategic, personalized support

The Fonds provides you with all the resources you need to achieve your goals. You'll receive ongoing support and strategic advice tailored to your business to improve your long-term growth prospects. Our investment experts will be by your side to help you tackle challenges and celebrate wins.

Industry expertise

Our team of investment professionals specializes in 20 different industries. They have a firm grasp of the dynamics of your market and put their expertise to work to help your business succeed.

Why finance your company with the Fonds?

A financing package tailored to your reality

Our investment plan is designed specifically for you based on your needs and your industry. Our integrated corporate financing solutions can help you take the lead in your market:

  • Unsecured loans to businesses
  • Participation in share capital
  • Flexible financing terms

A valuable ally

We know that it takes a lot more than money to achieve your goals. In addition to our financial support, our experts can help you plan your digital transformation, develop your business intelligence, make structural and organizational changes, update your corporate governance, and more.

Discover the double impact of our investment in Congruence Therapeutics

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Our mission and values

By putting Québecers' savings to work for local businesses, the Fonds contributes to sustainable economic development and job creation throughout the province. Solidarity is part of our DNA, and seeing companies like yours succeed is why we do what we do.

Our extensive network of partners

In addition to capital and expertise, the Fonds gives you access to a broad partner network:






experts in market analysis,
legal matters, and more


regional funds offices


local funds

The Fonds is a long-time partner that supports our every stride. In addition to playing an important role along the years, this transaction proves that the Fonds will be a part of Abipa's future.

Jean Blondin, President of Abipa International

Here are a few of the more than 3,600 partner companies1 that have trusted the Fonds to finance their business and that are helping Québec's economy thrive:

Groupe Robert inc.
Pelican International inc.
Groupe Canam inc.
EBI Opérations inc.
Sollio Cooperative Group

Learn all about the financing and investment solutions we can offer your business

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  • 1

    As at May 31, 2022


    As at November 30, 2022