Québec-wide network

Becoming a partner of the Fonds means benefiting from the strength of our network. Our team is specialized in more than 25 different industries and understands your socio-economic context and the key players in your region.

  • Location: 97 offices in Québec[2]

    Financing: less than $100,000[3]

    Authorized investment: $186M[4]

    The Fonds locaux de solidarité allows us to support the local economy by boosting the growth of SMEs, as well as creating and maintaining high-quality sustainable jobs. Businesses can access financial assistance through the FLS via a group of passionate, well-rounded specialists who are committed to local economic development within their regional county municipality (RCM)—or equivalent—or any organization designated by their RCM.

    Custom financing for SMEs

    Each RCM identifies the industries and projects it would like to promote in its region and submits them to a local investment committee that will select the projects to be financed by the FLS. This financing takes the form of an equity loan or conventional mortgage loan at terms that take the company’s needs and realities into account.

  • Location: 17 offices in Québec

    Financing: $100,000 to $5M[4]

    We help create, maintain, and safeguard jobs and stimulate the regional economy through strategic development investments. The Fonds régionaux de solidarité offer personalized business solutions in accordance with the regional economic reality and characteristics of each SME.

    Financing that meets your needs

    • Loan or share capital of up to $5 million
    • No corporate or personal guarantees
    • No legal or management fees
    • Short wait time, efficient processing
    • Preliminary positioning in under 15 days
    • Personalized, professional approach
    • Flexible financial products
    • Local service

    We also participate in the economic education of our partner companies to empower workers to better understand the environment in which they are being given a chance to evolve.

  • Location: A head office in Montréal, an office in Québec City, an office in Pointe-Claire

    Financing: over $5M[3]

    Net assets: $17.4B[2]

    Investment in the Québec economy: $1.1B[5]

    The Fonds de solidarité FTQ is the ideal partner for projects over $5 million—for instance, financing a merger, acquisition, or expansion; developing new markets; or financing a buyout. Regardless of a company's line of business, the Fonds provides access to capital, expertise, and a vast network of partners.

  • Along with our development partners, our professionals use their expertise in finance, construction, law, asset management, property management, and marketing to maximize the success of the projects we invest in.

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    The financing granted is subject to compliance with applicable eligibility conditions.

    As at May 31, 2023.