Eligibility criteria and restrictions

  • The donation or sponsorship must have an impact in Québec.
  • To qualify for a donation or sponsorship, the organization must be registered as a non-profit, except for sponsorships in the “brand image” category.
  • Applications and proposals must be submitted at least 30 days before the start of the event, if applicable.
  • All sponsorship proposals must include a visibility plan. 
  • The organizations supported by the Fonds must provide a receipt or proof indicating the amount of the donation.
  • The Fonds reserves the right to use the name of a non-profit organization in its communications to demonstrate its solidarity with the community and its impact on the Québec economy. In this regard, the name of the organization in question may be used in the Fonds’ various communication documents, such as its annual report.
  • The Fonds limits the term of a sponsorship agreement to three years.