Engaging in a just energy transition

Towards a greener planet

https://www.fondsftq.com/fr-ca/particuliers/epargne-simplifiee/batisseurs-de-retraiteIt’s here. To fight climate change, society must begin the transition to a low-carbon economy.
Vital changes must be undertaken now, factoring in both the human and the socio-economic impacts, chief among which is employment.
The Fonds intends to meet this dual responsibility to ensure a just energy transition in Québec.


The four-part action Just Energy Transition Plan

 Reduce the carbon footprint of our public investments by 25% between now and 2025 and start measuring the carbon footprint of our private equity investments as of 2019.

True to our mission, we will help companies deal with the risks and opportunities that come with switching to renewable energy, especially as they relate to jobs, by providing access to energy efficiency experts, worker training and information on government programs.

The development of a low-carbon economy will create investment opportunities that we intend to seize in such areas as new clean technologies, sustainable mobility and energy efficiency.

 In Québec, the Fonds is one of the best placed stakeholders to promote a just energy transition. This is why we are making such clear commitments.

Whether by increasing the proportion of green bonds in our portfolio, reporting annually on our progress towards our carbon intensity target, or measuring and offsetting the carbon footprint of our activities, the Fonds has set clear objectives.
We will also continue to take action on our investments by engaging in dialogue with companies and submitting shareholder proposals at their annual general meetings, and we will actively participate in all aspects of the fight against climate change, both in Québec and abroad.


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