FONDS de solidarité FTQ

rapport annuel et
de développement durable 2012

Table des matières


1. To report on all activities performed each year and on the progress made in terms of SD, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ will continue to issue an integrated annual report (including financial and extra-financial data in accordance with GRI indicators). DONE
2. The Fonds has adopted two new charters (Board of Directors and Executive Committee) and will continue to develop and adopt charters; these could be, for instance, with respect to its Ethics Committee and its four Investment Special Boards. Ethics Committee: DONE
Four Special Boards: Expected
to be adopted in Fall 2012
3. To ensure that its policy on voting rights always adequately reflects the values it adheres to and promotes, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ will review it in its entirety in the next financial year. Expected to be adopted in Fall 2012
4. During the next financial year, the Fonds intends to also adhere to the six Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) issued in 2006 by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI). DONE
Communication objectives
5. Over the next financial year, the Fonds intends to continue issuing Le partenaire PME, integrating into it a section dedicated to actions and expertise on SD. DONE: The 1st issue was released in January 2012 and addressed the carbon credit market; the 2nd issue was released in May 2012 and addressed risk management, Bill 89 and director responsibilities.
The Fonds will organize concrete activities (events, letter or e-mail campaigns) to raise its partners' awareness of SD. Ongoing
6. The Fonds will publish articles on SD or interviews with experts in this area in its various publications. DONE. In addition, participation in the "Les mardis DD" blog and the Institute of Corporate Directors' (ICD) newsletter
Communication objectives (Continued)
7. In the coming financial year, the Fonds will continue to prepare information articles on all aspects of SD. These articles will be published on the employees' intranet site and in L'Interaction, our internal newspaper, and will address sustainable development, the challenges it raises and its impact on our lives. DONE
8. The Fonds will update, during the next financial year, its code of conduct for international business dealings. Expected to be adopted in Fall 2012
9. In addition to the other personalized services offered, the Fonds intends to offer shareholders, beginning in Fall 2011, a click to call option for communicating with information agents over the Internet. DONE
10. The Fonds set a goal of continuing to hold carbon-neutral annual general meetings while carrying out its efforts to reduce its ecological footprint. In addition, a short video on SD will be aired during the coming annual general meetings to spread the word to its shareholders and attendees. DONE
11. Over the next financial year, the Fonds will further intensify its efforts to connect with young people and cultural communities so they can all fully benefit, as early as possible, from the Fonds RRSP. DONE. Ongoing
12. Over the next financial year, the Fonds will continue to take the necessary surveys to measure the degree of shareholder satisfaction with our products and services. The degree of shareholder satisfaction has always been very high, but we want to monitor it regularly to continue providing products and services that meet their expectations. DONE. Ongoing
13. During the next financial year, the Fonds will continue implementing the Carbon Credit Committee and making it operational. DONE
Communication objectives (Continued)
14. Review and update, as needed, within a SD perspective:
  • - The Investment Policy of the Fonds, which sets out the general principles as well as main guidelines for our investments. This policy establishes the issues that the Fonds' Investment specialists must take into consideration and the environment within which they must operate.
  • - The management declaration, which is signed upon closing an investment. Pursuant to this declaration, the management of the partner company must confirm periodically (at each meeting of its board of directors) that it complies with the main labour relations laws and that its operations comply with applicable environmental regulations.
  • - Our investment procedures to adequately analyze environmental risks (social audit, due diligence review).
Expected to be adopted in Fall 2012
15. The Fonds will survey its partners regarding their expectations of the Fonds' financing and investment activities, with respect to the environmental and social aspects of these activities. DONE. Ongoing
16. The Fonds will continue studying and strengthening its due diligence practices, particularly in regards to the new international ISO 26000 standard. Study completed. Changes to the social audit will be made accordingly.
Environmental objectives
(all the following activities are ongoing.)
17. The Fonds will continue to annually review its Other investments portfolio, paying particular attention to concerns related to SD. DONE
18. The Fonds will continue to encourage regional and local procurement and will raise the awareness of its stakeholders, including its employees, on the importance of adopting responsible procurement practices. DONE. The responsible procurement policy will be deployed in 2013. The Fonds' Purchasing Department already applies this policy.
19. The Fonds will intensify its efforts to reduce its paper consumption both internally, for its head office needs, and externally, such as for the production of advertising materials. DONE
Environmental objectives (Continued)
20. The Fonds wishes to pursue its projects aimed at water consumption reduction. To that end, during the next financial year, we will install water savers on bathroom and kitchen sink faucets. In addition, we will make sure to raise the awareness of all involved in order to reach our consumption reduction objectives. DONE
21. Over the next few years, we will work on implementing a residual materials management plan to reduce the quantity of waste sent to landfills. DONE
22. We will adhere to the ICI ON RECYCLE! recognition program, which recognizes organizations that apply the 4Rs hierarchy principles (that are based on the consumption reduction, reuse, recycling, and reclaim principles) and will hold information and awareness sessions for our personnel. DONE
23. We will continue to raise the awareness of the employees working at our head office and tenants of the head office building on adopting daily energy-saving behaviours to help us reach our corporate objectives. DONE
24. The Fonds de solidarité FTQ will make its employees aware of the benefits of using public transportation and active transportation (cycling and walking). We will therefore propose alternatives to encourage our employees to resort less and less to solitary driving. In addition, during the next few years, the Fonds will analyze its employees' travel from home to work to evaluate the related GHG emissions. DONE
25. The Fonds will continue to apply, during the next two years, its continuing improvement process and will aim to obtain the Level 4 certification of the BOMA BESt program, which is the highest certification level under that program, for its head office building. DONE
Environmental objectives (Continued)
26. The Fonds de solidarité FTQ aims to obtain the Gold Level LEED EB (existing building) certification by May 31, 2014. Five-year plan being finalized
27. In the coming years, the Fonds wishes to adhere more strongly to eco-responsible principles in organizing meetings and events (for instance, the RL roadshow), internally and externally. Ongoing
For its 2011-2012 financial year, the objectives of the Fonds were to inform, raise awareness and educate its stakeholders about SD and its overall individual and collective implications.
1. An information and training session on sustainable development will be held for the members of the Management Committee and the Board of Directors in the next financial year. DONE. Held on May 10, 2012
2. During the next financial year, a training session will be offered for the professionals working in the Investments and Other Investments on financial markets sectors to raise their awareness of all the elements of sustainable development and the clear implications they have on their work. DONE. Training sessions held on February 13, 21, 22 and 29, 2012
3. Over the next financial year, we will continue our work to raise awareness of sustainable development among our LRs by adding elements addressing the main issues related to sustainable development to their training. DONE. Held at the Annual Shareholders Meeting and through the LRs Extranet