How can you use your RRSP?

Let’s be honest: saving for retirement might be a boring topic. It is however an excellent habit that can help you turn your projects into reality at the various stages of your life!

An RRSP frozen until you turn 65? No thanks! Find out the many opportunities offered by the Fonds RRSP and tackle projects that matter to you.

Frozen money: a myth!

When you look at the list of the 16 other possible ways to use your RRSP, the myth of money being frozen until you turn 65 is toppled!

Did you know that...

Approximately two thirds of the amounts withdrawn since the inception of the Fonds were paid to shareholders aged 45 to 64 who wanted to retire early. And that does not include the thousands of individuals who used their RRSPs to buy their first home or go back to school.

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