What is a spousal RRSP?

What is a spousal RRSP?

A spousal RRSP is an RRSP owned by your spouse in which you can invest a specified amount each year.

Why consider a spousal RRSP?

With a spousal RRSP, you could increase your couple’s net income at retirement and be taxed at a lower rate if your retirement income is split between your spouse and you.

What are the tax benefits of a spousal RRSP with the Fonds?

By contributing to a spousal RRSP with the Fonds, you benefit from the general RRSP deduction and the additional tax savings specific to the Fonds.

What will happen upon a withdrawal*?

Upon a withdrawal, the spousal RRSP holder is taxed in accordance with usual RRSP regulations.

However, under a specific tax rule, the amount withdrawn may be taxed in the hands of the person who contributed to his or her spouse’s RRSP, up to the amount contributed in the year of withdrawal and the two preceding years. This rule is commonly referred to as the “3-year rule” or the “3-December 31 rule”.


Mark made the following contributions to his spouse’s RRSP:

Years: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Amounts: $4,000, $3,000, $2,000, $1,000

In 2013:

  • Mark’s spouse withdrew $7,000 from her spousal RRSP
  • Mark contributed to the spousal RRSP in the year of withdrawal and the two preceding years.
He will therefore have to add $6,000 ($1,000 + $2,000 + $3,000) to his income for 2013, while his spouse will only include in her income the difference of $1,000 ($7,000 ‒ $6,000).

What are the exceptions to the 3-year rule?

  • Death of one of the spouses**
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • One of the spouses is no longer permanently residing in Canada

Can the 3-year rule be invoked in the event of a transfer?
No. Upon a transfer to another spousal RRSP or a spousal RRIF or the purchase of a deferred annuity, the 3-year rule does not apply as there is no withdrawal.

* The spousal RRSP is based on the usual Fonds de solidarité FTQ’s redemption criteria. For more information, refer to our prospectus.

** Upon the death of a person who contributed to a spousal RRSP, the shareholder who is the beneficiary of this RRSP may, regardless of his or her age, request the redemption or transfer of the shares included in such RRSP.

Please read the prospectus before investing. Copies of the prospectus may be obtained on its Website, from a local representative or at the offices of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ. The shares of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ are not guaranteed, their value changes and past performance may not be repeated.

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