Your Money At Work

Do you know how your money is at work? The series of short programs present an investor who visits a company in which he invested indirectly through an investment fund.

Viau Food

Donato Melino is a head shipper at Deux par Deux children's apparel and is a proud Italo-Canadian. Today he is visiting Viau Foods, a meat and food supply company that brings italian tradition to Canada, and in which Donato has been investing through the Fonds de Solidarite for 9 years.

La Petite Bretonne

John Chancey, who works in service engineering at Bombardier, has been planning for retirement since he started investing in the Fonds de Solidarite 15 years ago. He used the funds to buy his first home in 2004. Today he visits La Petite Bretonne, a locally-owned baked goods company, to see how his money is put to work!

Domaine Pinnacle

Suzanne Gaudreau has been putting money aside since 2001. She visits today Domaine Pinnacle, a world-renown leader in apple cider and Quebec traditional products. Charles Crawford, president and CEO of the company is happy to show her their orchard and main boutique and shows her how her money has been put to work into developing delicious products that make Quebec and Canada proud!


Charles Deguire the president and owner of Kinova, a specialized rehabilitation engineering company He receives today Patrick Muyal, a RRSPs buyer who has been indirectly supporting his company through their investments with the Fonds de Solidarité FTQ. Patrick Muyal is very happy and proud to have given 'a hand' to the company for the developing and marketing of their revolutionary robotic arm and to see his money put to work!

Montreal Canadiens

Nick Telallian, a 39 years old hockey fan, visits the Montreal Canadiens professional hockey team during one of their training sessions and meets Geoff Molson, owner and president of the Montreal Canadiens. Nick is very proud to see his money to work with the Montreal Canadiens' success.


Benoit Desjardins opens his company's doors today to welcome Maria Pensato and Sergio Guarascio, a young couple who invest together with the Fonds de Solidarité FTQ. They are visiting Cendrex, the most important manufacturer of custom and high quality doors in North America, a company that they indirectly sustained through their RRSP investments.


Mrs Wendy Klacko is an executive assistant who saves money with the Fonds de Solidarité FTQ which allowed her to buy her first house in 2009 and to put money aside for her retirement planned in 15 years. Today, she visits Canderel, a Canadian leader company operating in the real estate industry to see how her investments contributed to the building of the Quartier des Spectacles de Montréal, the Complexe Desjardins' towers and other major building's construction since 2011.

Ceragres Tile Group

Garfield Flemmings, 38 years old, has five kids. He wants to provide their future by buying a house and also have a good retired plan. He saves money and buy RRSPs through the Fonds de solidarité FTQ. With the investment, he is giving the opportunity to a company like Ceragres to get a good increasement such as a ShowRoom here, in Montréal.

Spectra Premium

Mark Dunn, a specialized audio equipment sales person, has been saving money with the Fonds de solidarité FTQ specifically for his hobby needs when he retires. He has been saving for almost 10 years now. He visits today Spectra Premium, a firm manufacturer of vehicle pieces. The enterprise has been able to privatize the company when the founder wanted to sell it in 2006.

Colabor Group

Delia Tavares is part time receptionnist who has been saving money for almost ten years now. Today, she visits Colabor, a food products distributor. Thanks her savings, Colabor was able to buy machinery to exploit a whole new category of products. It allowed the company to increase its turnover of 70 million dollars and to become the first most important distributor in Quebec and the third one in Canada. M. Burnham welcomes Mme Tavares to show her the big impact of her savings in the national economy.

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