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It’s easy to help your employees save for retirement

Fonds de solidarité FTQ offers smart business solutions for you and an easy way to save for retirement for your employees. With the Fonds payroll deduction plan, your employees can contribute to an RRSP and your business is exempt from setting up a VRSP. Everyone wins!

Get RRSP+ through payroll deduction

RRSP+ through payroll deduction is much more than a simple way for your employees to save for retirement—it gives them 30% extra income tax savings right on their pay.

RRSP+ for your employees, the right choice for your business.

RRSP+, your VRSP solution

Most Québec businesses are required to set up voluntary retirement savings plans under the Act respecting VRSPs. We have a free, turnkey solution. You meet your legal requirements and your employees get the benefit of RRSP+ through payroll deduction.

A whole community of reasons to choose the Fonds

The Fonds has a sole mission: to help drive the Québec economy. By offering your employees the chance to contribute to an RRSP+ with the Fonds through payroll deduction, you are doing your part to boost Québec’s economic growth and build better communities.


The Fonds de solidarité FTQ provides you with information on the RRSP+, informs you about your employer obligations regarding the VRSP, and offers tips and advice on how to make recruiting easier and retain employees longer.

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