How many companies does the Fonds de solidarité FTQ invest in?

As of May, 31, 2018, the Fonds is partners with more than 2,800 Quebec businesses across all the province’s regions.

Many of these businesses are well known. You may even know people who work for the following companies:

  • Voyages Traditours,
  • Les Fermes Lufa,
  • Rudsak,
  • Sail plein Air,
  • SSQ Assurance-vie,
  • Avalanche,
  • DMB distribution alimentaire,
  • Silverwax (Hygienex),
  • Yuzu,
  • Chantiers Chibougamau,
  • Laiterie de l'Outaouais,
  • Miralis,
  • etc.

As well as many hundreds of companies, some of which do business near you.

Legal Notes
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