Towards a greener planet

There’s no way around it. To fight global warming, we must shift to non-polluting sources of energy.
Although We must make fundamental changes we need to act now, while we also have to considering the human and socio-economic impact of switching to renewable energy, most of all on jobs.
Mindful of both these imperatives, the Fonds is doing its share to ensure a just energy transition in Québec.

Our action plan has four components:

Reduce the carbon footprint of our public investments by 25% between now and 2025 and start measuring the carbon footprint of our private equity investments as of 2019.

« The Fonds will not finance any oil exploration or production project in Québec. »

True to our mission to support businesses, we will help companies deal with the risks and opportunities that come with switching to renewable energy, especially as they relate to jobs, by providing training programs for professionals, information on government programs, and carbon offset solutions.

The growing shift to clean energy will create investment opportunities we intend to seize in such areas as new technology development, optimized transportation and energy efficiency, while at the same time contributing to a fair energy transition for all. 

Because the Fonds is in a key position to promote a fair energy transition, today, it is making clear commitments.

Whether it involves fossil fuels, energy and resource consumption, transportation or carbon offsetting, we will measure and publish our GHG reduction targets and results every year.

We will reduce the carbon footprint of our investments, support research, start a conversation with local businesses, and actively participate in any initiative to fight climate change, both here and abroad (COP, PRI, etc.).

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