Social dimension

The social component of sustainable development deals with the impact a company or an organization has on the society in which it operates.

A mission that is still relevant

To ensure that its mission and corporate culture remains relevant, the Fonds seeks to optimally integrate, particularly at an organizational level, its activities related to SD and SRI by promoting a cohesive approach among its main sectors.

Sharing benefits with our partner companies

The Fonds provides tools and one-time training sessions to its specialists in the Investments and Other Investments sectors. The specialists can, in turn, share the benefits of such tools and training sessions with our partner companies: inaction on the sustainable development front may have a significant negative impact on these companies.

Placing people at the forefront of development

The Fonds’ Annual and Sustainability Reports detail our numerous social contributions. For instance, the Fonds:

  • prioritizes strong and human local development that is integrated in a growing economy and achieved through creating and protecting jobs;
  • has labour relations and human rights values and practices that comply with the highest requirements;
  • prior to any investment, performs audits that take into account the labour profile, work conditions, quality of communications within the company, compliance with health and safety standards and respect of the environment;
  • adopted the Code of Conduct for International Business Dealings and guidance on voting rights as a shareholder;
  • developed guidelines for practices related to SD and social responsibility in mining project management;
  • supports many foundations as well as social and community organizations across Québec.