Sustainable development plan

The Fonds de solidarité FTQ incorporates principles of sustainable development into its mission, and in so doing sets itself apart from traditional financial institutions.
The Fonds:
  • Views investing in businesses as a way to create jobs and support the regional and local economies;
  • Performs a social audit of prospective partner companies before investing to ensure they employ sound management practices;
  • Believes reasonable profitability is essential to a company’s health but at the same time seekssocial profitability;
  • Invests in most sectors of the economy, supports the governments’ sector development policies, and is intent on growing the economy;
  • Encourages saving, particularly in segments of the population that most need to do so;
  • Is solidly entrenched in the regions, communities and workplaces.

The Fund's sustainable development plan is based on the following document:
  • Québec’s sustainable development policy and strategy, which set out fundamental orientations for society and enlist the participation of the main social actors, including businesses and financial institutions;