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Labour Relations

Human capital has been a focal point of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ mission since the organization’s inception over 35 years ago.
The Fonds de solidarité requires employers—its future partners—to be respectful of employees, the community and our shareholders. To this end, the Fonds early on created the Office of Labour Relations, Partner Companies.
The labour relations team is made up of investment professionals, known as development agents, who review the human aspect of potential partner companies.
The review looks at the company’s social performance, including the human aspect, for example, health and safety and well-being at work, change management and skill development, and is usually conducted together with workers and their union representatives, if applicable.
The social audit is a unique evaluation tool. Through the social audit, the team identifies ways to support the company in its growth and other projects (e.g. energy, technology or human resources).
In this way, the team ensures that the actions and activities of partner companies are aligned with the Fonds’ fundamental values of respect, integrity and solidarity, as well as its mission to create jobs and ensure ongoing employee training.

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