FONDS de solidarité FTQ

rapport annuel et
de développement durable 2012

Table des matières

2012-2013 sustainable development and responsible investment objectives

In the next financial year:


We will pursue our efforts to increase the number of shareholders aged 40 and under and the number of shareholders from cultural communities so that they benefit from the Fonds RRSP, in particular by subscribing through payroll deduction.


2013 will mark the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ. On this occasion, the Fonds will emphasize the economic and social solidarity of all its stakeholders and their contribution to the Fonds' innovations and achievements over these years.


Following the recent adoption of an integrated risk management policy, the Fonds will implement this new policy, in particular by reviewing certain processes related to activities that are more sensitive to financial and extra-financial risks as well as specifically determining the nature and extent of the risks it takes in relation to its mission and its tolerance to these risks. Further to this determination, the Fonds will also revise its Integrated Financial Assets Management Policy.


2012 is the International Year of Cooperatives, and the Fonds will provide financial support to the Summit of Cooperatives, which will be held from October 8 to 11, 2012 in Québec City. The Fonds thus wishes to show its support to cooperatives and mutual companies and to be a part of the discussions on the issues they face.


After having offered training on sustainable development (SD) and socially responsible investment (SRI) to the specialists of its Investments and Other Investments sectors as well as to the members of its Management Committee and Board of Directors, the Fonds will offer this training to the specialists of its regional investment network.


Each issue of the Le Partenaire PME newsletter will continue to contain information about sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.


The Fonds' annual general meetings have been carbon-neutral since 2007. Wishing to go further, the Fonds will gradually take steps to make all its other meetings carbon-neutral by 2016.

The Fonds will also strengthen its adherence to eco-responsible principles in organizing meetings and events to be held at its head office and off-premises.

In addition, to reduce travelling, the Fonds will encourage using videoconferencing for internal meetings involving external guests.


To meet as adequately as possible the needs of all its stakeholders, the Fonds will periodically take the necessary surveys to measure their satisfaction with its activities and better understand their concerns and expectations.


The Fonds will take stock of the main tax measures and government assistance programs related to sustainable development projects to which its partner companies could be eligible. It will communicate such items to the specialists of its Investments sector so they can adequately inform the Fonds' partners.


The Fonds will prepare a carbon credit information and intervention guide for the specialists of the Investments sector.


The Legal Affairs Department of the Fonds will continue to hold training sessions on Bill 89, which has substantially amended the Environment Quality Act, and on other regulations related to sustainable development to help with integrating these new standards into its partners' practices.

In addition, the Fonds will prepare a guide on the Environment Quality Act and the measures to undertake to manage risks related to this Act. This guide will be intended for specialists of its Investments sector who are corporate directors and external directors who represent the Fonds on the board of directors of its partner companies.


The Fonds will, in collaboration with SHARE, continue the shareholder dialogue it started in the last financial year about the securities of listed Canadian companies it holds.


As part of our adhesion to the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), we will organize, as a signatory to these Principles and together with other Québec signatories, a public activity to raise awareness about the importance and the issues of responsible investment.


After adopting guidelines for practices related to sustainable development and social responsibility in mining project management in 2012, the Fonds will continue to phase in these guidelines in its partner companies in the mining sector.


The fonds régionaux and the fonds locaux de solidarité FTQ network and the Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ will adopt an action plan to reduce their direct environmental footprint.


The Fonds will continue to deploy the Responsible Procurement Policy (RPP) it adopted in 2011 in order to:

  1. -

    Determine the sustainable development practices of its suppliers; the Fonds will then prepare a supplier profile based on their level of criticality;

  2. -

    Favour socially responsible suppliers.


The Fonds will continue its efforts to reduce by at least 3% per year, by 2016-2017, its paper consumption for its head office needs. This measure is in addition to the decision made two years ago to use Enviro 100 paper, which contains 100% post-consumer FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) fibre, is EcoLogo-certified and made using biogas.


The Fonds will raise awareness among its employees working at its head office and tenants of the head office building of the necessary actions to take to reach its eco-responsible electricity consumption objectives.


The Fonds has set the objective of reducing by 10% its drinking water consumption by 2014.


To reduce by 2% to 5% a year the quantity of residual materials sent from its head office to landfills, the Fonds will intensify its information and awareness-raising campaign on residual materials management targeting its employees working at its head office and tenants of the head office building.


The Fonds will continue its thought process about implementing composting.


The Fonds will continue to implement the action plan of its Green Committee so that the employees of its head office can use public transportation and active transportation (cycling and walking) even more.

In addition, the Fonds will analyze its employees' travel from home to work to evaluate the related GHG emissions.


The Fonds will continue to take steps to obtain the Level 4 BOMA BESt certification, the highest certification level under that program, for its head office.


The Fonds will continue to implement its action plan to obtain the Gold Level LEED EB (existing building) certification for its head office by May 31, 2014.


The Fonds' Green Committee will prepare information bulletins on several aspects related to the environment. These bulletins will be released on the Intranet site for employees.


To always reduce its paper consumption, the Fonds will encourage its shareholders to view their account information online, in particular by organizing a contest as part of its Summer 2012 mailing.


The Fonds will complete the programming of all its printers so that double-sided becomes the "default" mode and, to optimize its use, the Fonds will continue to raise its employees' awareness of good printing habits.