Fonds locaux (local funds)

Back in 1991, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ and the Fédération québécoise des municipalités conceived the idea of a network of local solidarity funds. Thanks to the involvement of municipal officials and local partners, this network, known originally as SOLIDE, supports the local economy by furthering the development of SMEs and creating and maintaining lasting, quality jobs.

Businesses can obtain financing from the local solidarity funds through the dedicated and versatile specialists that support local economic development, either in the Regional County Municipality (RCM) — or their equivalent — or in any organization designated by them.

Thanks to the local solidarity funds, the regions have a tremendous development tool at their disposable, with over $113 million in funding available for their SMEs:


  • $27 million invested by local partners;
  • $86 million from the Fonds de solidarité FTQ to support local economies.


Making a difference…

Number of local funds
Number of projects authorized
Financing authorized
$166 million
Total value of projects
$2.4 billion
Jobs created and maintained

Report as at December 31, 2019

Message from the President

Annual Report 2019

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Press Release

  • April 8, 2021

    Fonds de solidarité FTQ invests US$4 million in Ventus Therapeutics

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