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    Between a Typical RRSP
    and a Fonds RRSP,
    there’s a huge difference.

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    30 % more tax savings
    than a Typical RRSP,
    that’s tempting.

Faites le calcul de votre plus 30 pourcent.

Why choose the Fonds RRSP ?

Do the math

How much do you need to deposit per

to accumulate yearly with the Fonds RRSP ?

Taxable revenue per year

 $16 000 to $41 494
Calculate your deduction per pay – you’ll see how small your contributions can be.

Amount invested

$__,__ /pay

Actual cost

$__,__ /pay

RRSP deduction
Fonds tax credit

Total fiscal advantage: $__,__


Where does the 30 % tax savings come from ?

When you invest in a Fonds RRSP, your money goes to support SMB in Quebec. Because provincial and federal governments recognize that your contributions help develop the Quebec economy, they each give you an extra 15 % tax deduction for a total of 30 %.

This 30 % tax savings adds to the fiscal advantages that you’re already allowed to take advantage of with an RRSP.


Typical RRSP

Fonds RRSP

Based on a tax rate of 28.5%



businesses supported by the Fonds

The reasons for choosing the Fonds RRSP are numerous.

  1. 1.The Fonds contributes to economic growth in Quebec by investing in over 2,395 SMBs right here, some of which are close to where you live.
  2. 2.The Fonds offers economic training to interested businesses.
  3. 3.The Fonds works to create and maintain tens of thousands of jobs.
  4. 4.With net assets of $9.3 billion, the Fonds has become knowledge and resource hub for Quebec businesses and a key player in the local economy.

The series
“Your money at work”

This series of short programs presents investors who visit a company
in which they indirectly invested through a Fonds RRSP.

  • Casavant et frère



Some people are saying…

The Fonds has become
too big.

The Fonds’ size is a testament to the confidence Quebecers have in the institution and how successful it has been in promoting the concept of saving for retirement to Quebec’s middle class. Its stature is also the reason it can support Quebec flagship companies while continuing to focus on SMBs (close to 80 % of its current partners have fewer than 100 employees).

The Fonds doesn’t create a lot of jobs.

More than 500 000 jobs were created or maintained because of the Fonds over the past 22 years. The fact is, most people know at least one person whose job was made possible because of the Fonds.

The Fonds doesn’t offer a good return.

The Fonds’ investments are well diversified, as evidenced by ten consecutive six-month periods of positive returns. The Fonds’ three-year annual return (i.e., excluding the tax credits) was 5.5 % as of May 31, 2013. When the 30 % in additional tax credits is factored in, a Fonds shareholder who invests the same amount every year would earn an annual compound return of 13.9 % over 7 years.

The Fonds only invests 11 % of its assets in Quebec.

Out of net assets of $9.3 billion, almost $6.1 billion was committed to Quebec businesses as of May 31, 2013. In other words, 66 %.

The tax credit only benefits the rich.

Everyone can contribute to a Fonds RRSP and therefore can profit from its tax credits. Moreover, 36 % of our 615,000 shareholders, mostly middle-class citizens, made their first contribution to an RRSP thanks to the Fonds.

My money is frozen until I’m 65 years old.

The money invested in an RRSP is, by definition, there to be used in retirement. There are, however, 22 special situations that allow you to use your RRSP savings, such as: buying a home, returning to school, starting a business.

Do the math and you
could win big !

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