to be sustainable,

development should
integrate these three dimensions:
social, economic and



Our social impact

The social dimension is reflected by the Fonds’ commitment to position humanity at the center of development, in particular with unique tools such as:

  • the economic training it offers to the workers of its partner companies;
  • the social audit it performs before investing in a company;
  • the support it gives to not-for-profit community organizations.

This social dimension is also included in the component of the Fonds’ mission that relates to making Quebecers aware of the need to save for retirement and encouraging them to invest in its RRSP, notably through its network of over 2,000 local representatives (LRs) who, on a volunteer basis, promote the Fonds’ mission to their colleagues in the workplace.

Our economic impact

The Fonds is a broad investment network present across Québec. It is committed to investing in the Québec economy by providing businesses with patient capital in order to contribute to their development and therefore create, maintain or protect quality jobs. Economic development and employment are at the core of its mission.

Our environmental impact

Over the years, the Fonds has continuously improved the environmental performance of its head office. Always with the objective of reducing its negative impact on the environment, the Fonds has also set up a Green Committee and adopted policies and measures that promote sustainable transportation. In July 2014, the Fonds’ head office obtained the Gold Level LEED Canada EB: O&M (existing buildings) certification!