Message from the First-Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

Daniel Boyer

A new page in History We are proud of

When it created the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, over 30 years ago, the FTQ gave Québec a unique institution that has transformed the socio-economic landscape of the province. This year, the Fonds wrote a new page in its history by significantly modifying its governance. While staying true to the labour roots of the Fonds, these changes will grant further power to the shareholders of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ.

“The FTQ is proud to be involved in the evolution of the Fonds.”

Last May, the Fonds achieved a milestone in the implementation of its new governance. For the first time, the Chairman of the Board of Directors is an individual independent from the Fonds and the FTQ. I would like to thank Mr. Parizeau for accepting this position and bringing his extensive experience to the Fonds.

Since his arrival, Mr. Parizeau has done an amazing job, particularly with the new Human Resources and Governance and Ethics Committees, which he chairs. His expertise was also extremely valuable to the work of the committee responsible for recruiting a new President and Chief Executive Officer, which I had the honour to co-chair with him.

This selection committee was tasked with creating the profile of the next President and Chief Executive Officer and identifying the individual most likely to contend with the challenges the Fonds must face. After a rigorous search process and analysis, the committee chose Mr. Gaétan Morin. I would like to congratulate Mr. Morin and thank him for accepting this important task; his skills as a unifier, his ethics and his deep knowledge of the investment field make him the best person for the position.

In addition, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ had one of its best RRSP campaigns ever this year. This is largely due to the exceptional mobilization of our local representatives (LRs). I would like to sincerely thank them all for their unwavering commitment to the Fonds’ mission.

The FTQ is proud to be involved in the evolution of the Fonds. We intend to continue supporting it in its development so that it can fulfill its mission for savers and for companies that create jobs and contribute to Québec’s economic development for many years to come.

Daniel Boyer
President, FTQ, and First-Vice Chair of the Board of Directors