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Last March, La Coop fédérée, a Fonds de solidarité FTQ partner company, published a tool for its entire network entitled Guide d’aide au bon voisinage (A good neighbourhood guide). The neighbourhood mentioned in this guide includes much more than the people in the communities where La Coop fédérée operates—it’s all the individuals and organizations affected by its activities; in other words, its stakeholders.

The guide explains that, nowadays, companies must be good citizens, respect others and protect the environment, and that the inconveniences they may cause are no longer tolerated by the community. For many of them, this situation is confusing because they must adjust their processes accordingly. The guide uses these daily concerns of entrepreneurs as a basis to explain in a practical way what sustainable development and corporate social responsibility really are: how to adapt the economic objectives of a company to the wellbeing of society and the enhancement of the environment.

To consult the guide: (in French only)