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our social impact

Following is a summary of these guidelines

  • 1. With respect to governance and responsible management, mining companies must ensure that:
    • Employees at all levels understand their environmental and social responsibilities and contribute to improving their work environment;
    • All projects are planned, evaluated and managed rigorously to reduce the negative impact on the environment and local communities.
  • 2. With respect to responsible management, they must establish proactive, open and transparent communications with local authorities (including Native communities), government agencies and other stakeholders.
  • 3. They undertake to diligently apply, in all their exploration activities, occupational health and safety regulations.
  • 4. They must diligently apply, in all their exploration activities, environmental regulations.
  • 5. On the socio-economic front, they must ensure to generate, as far as possible, local economic spinoffs and contribute to local development through constructive partnerships with Native and non-Native communities, while respecting the specific interests of each community.