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Twice a year, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ “goes out in the field” to survey some 300 Québec SME managers to get a clearer picture of their perception of their company’s position and the economic climate in general. This survey is conducted by Leger – The Research Intelligence Group and is used to create and publish the Fonds de solidarité FTQ – Les Affaires SME Confidence Index.

To be able to determine their level of confidence regarding the future of their companies, we ask them questions on their sales forecasts, hiring or layoff expectations, how easy (or not) it is to find financing and even the measures they expect to take to increase their productivity. We also try to find out what worries them most, because the Fonds can be a better strategic player for SMEs if it understands their perceptions, behaviours and the decisions they wish to make.

The last survey, conducted in March 2013, clearly showed that the cost of operations and labour recruitment were of major concern to entrepreneurs. Nearly 40% of respondents also believed that the U.S. budget crisis would have an impact on their companies.