FONDS de solidarité FTQ

rapport annuel et
de développement durable 2012

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The importance of planning succession and being an employer of choice

During the last year, the Fonds de solidaritÉ FTQ continued carrying out its succession management project, as this is one of our biggest challenges. In addition, we continued our efforts to be an employer of choice, thereby retaining the best talent and attracting the skills we need.

When succession rhymes with proactivity

Like a lot of organizations, we will face the challenge of employee succession in the next few years. This forces us to design and apply strategies to forecast the needs of the organization's various departments.

This also means that we must make optimal use of the strengths we possess already, and encourage the contribution of every individual. Our goal is to have our employees develop their full potential so they can take on greater responsibilities and meet some of the succession needs.

One of the strengths of our strategy is its proactive nature: we are committed to taking concrete actions starting now to ensure the Fonds' sustainability.

Targeting needs through collective accomplishments

We implemented a collective coaching approach in our departments that have a large number of employees, in particular Shareholder Services and Investments.

This approach allows the departments that would need it to own the succession project. In fact, while this approach is supported by the Human Resources Department, the various departments are responsible for implementing the means and taking the actions necessary for their succession. Collective coaching therefore encourages co-responsibility and increases the involvement of all concerned parties. This approach allows moving step by step and adjusting throughout the process. The coaching project, a frank success that quickly delivers results, will soon be implemented in other departments.

Recruiting competent and dedicated people

At the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, we place a lot of importance on our employees' work conditions: good conditions mobilize personnel and each person therefore contributes to the organization's success. This is why we implement various means to encourage this mobilization: notably, we make a lot of efforts in the area of employee health and wellbeing.

Recognizing and valuing our employees are also elements that we continuously try to improve, both on a daily basis and through our recognition programs. Combined, these elements define our employer brand.

Being an employer of choice is a priority. It is essential, in our view, to position ourselves in the labour market to attract and retain the best resources.

Electronic pay slips

During the last financial year, the Financial Accounting and Control Department of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ took an interesting green turn: getting rid of printed pay slips! Using electronic pay slips reduces greatly paper consumption: we estimate that 18,200 slips used to be printed each year, each of them being inserted in an envelope. In addition, this process is fast and secure, and electronic slips can be accessed confidentially at any time.