Exprolink joins forces with California-based Zero Motorcycles and accelerates its development in North America

Longueuil (Quebec), September 20, 2021 – As the sole North American manufacturer of compact litter vacuums and sweepers, Exprolink accelerates its growth and establishes itself as a world leader in the field of small vocational electric vehicles. Less than two years after beginning the electrification of all its products, the Quebec company announces the opening of three sales offices in the United States, on the east and west coasts and in Texas, as well as a partnership with Zero Motorcycles, the worldwide leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains.

This expansion on U.S. soil is part of Exprolink’s strategic plan and had become necessary to support the company’s rapid growth. Exprolink’s annual sales have tripled over the past year, while recent investments have helped to double the production capacity of its Longueuil plant. The company also doubled its number of employees compared with 2019 and is still hiring.

The partnership with Zero Motorcycles ensures that Exprolink remains at the forefront of its industry and offers its customers products that combine the best technologies available on the market. Zero Motorcycles has been designing, manufacturing, and improving electric motorcycles for over 15 years now, making it the undisputed leader in small electric vehicle technologies, subsystems and components.

Electrification to meet cities’ environmental challenges

Exprolink has earned a strong international reputation thanks to the quality, reliability, and intelligent design of its equipment, which is now used in a number of the world’s major cities, including Dubai, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Toronto and Washington D.C. The compact design of its small vehicles and vacuum sweepers allows them to clean public places that are impossible to access with larger equipment, such as sidewalks, alleys, bike paths, parks, bus shelters, parking lots, etc. Cities that acquire them can achieve significant efficiency gains in comparison to all other litter collection methods.

In response to a growing demand from these large cities faced with the need to reduce their ecological footprint to fight climate change, Exprolink launched its first range of LN/LR50e electric vehicles under the Madvac brand in 2019. Since then, it has accelerated and expanded its electric shift to its entire product line, thanks to the support of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, which invested $3 million in the company in 2020.

Growth supported by innovation

Exprolink now hopes to quadruple its sales, over a five-year period, thanks to a growth strategy based on innovation, the launch of new products and a targeted acquisition strategy. In addition to urban waste control, Exprolink is relying on the development of multipurpose electric vehicles and the integration of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, automation and the remote control and maintenance of vehicle fleets.

“Vocational electric vehicles are a way forward, an absolute must to address the significant environmental challenges of the 21st century, while enabling cities to achieve efficiencies and reduce the costs of their maintenance work. This applies to street sweeping and litter collection, but also to sidewalk washing, collection of waste in street and park garbage cans, salt spreading and snow removal in winter. More than ever, Exprolink is now in a prime position to establish itself as a world leader in this booming niche,” says Exprolink President, Jean Bourgeois.

“The Fonds de solidarité FTQ is proud to help drive the growth of Exprolink, a new Quebec flagship in the electrification of transportation. The company is on its way to becoming a world leader in the field of electric vehicles. Our partnership with Exprolink is perfectly in line with the vision and mission of the Fonds, which is to put its investors’ money to work for the benefit of the environmental transition and the fight against climate change,” said Dany Pelletier, Executive Vice-President of Investments, Fonds de solidarité FTQ.

About Exprolink

Exprolink is the only North American manufacturer of compact litter vacuums and sweepers specifically designed for use on urban streets and in outdoor public spaces. A true Quebec flagship, the company underwent a major change in direction in 2019, beginning the electrification of its entire line of products and becoming a leader in the field of electric vocational vehicles (EVV).

A number of the world’s major cities put their trust in the Longueuil company and use its innovative products every day, which are equipped with cutting-edge technology. With these products they effectively maintain outdoor public spaces in an ecoresponsible manner, while helping to fight climate change.


About Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles is the global leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains. Designed and crafted by hand in California, Zero Motorcycles combines Silicon Valley technology with traditional motorcycle soul to elevate the motorcycling experience for intelligent, innovative riders around the world.